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Telework Enhancement Act Agreement

However, some agencies have also developed tools to monitor the activities of teleworkers in agency networks to ensure that teleworkers do not abuse the program. OPM provides employees and executives with various courses and webcasts that they can use in their training, including topics such as telework basics, performance management and dependent care. The Telework Improvement Act 2010 (Law) is a key factor in the federal government`s ability to achieve greater flexibility in managing its workforce through telework. Well-implemented and well-established telework programs provide agencies with a valuable tool to achieve mission objectives, while helping staff improve the effectiveness of working life. The signing of this legislation was the culmination of several years of legislative activities to promote federal telework. Here are some strengths of the legislation and its provisions at a glance: however, the same GAO study found that three of the four agencies reviewed did not have a mechanism to verify management training, and did not request that executives complete telework training before authorizing or rejecting employee telework requests. Indeed, in 2017, the Government Accountability Office conducted a study on telework with four agencies. One of the things GAO found was this variation that led many federal employees to believe that their agency is implementing the telework program inconsistently. Separation is the way authority is distributed over telework. OPM doesn`t really have as much power over telecommuting. It provides agencies with policy guidance and consultations. It also helps them to set quantitative and qualitative objectives. But no agency can dictate the policy of telework.

Line managers are also responsible for the compliance of teleworkers with their productivity requirements. OPM stresses that teleworkers must meet the same performance standards as their non-teleworker colleagues. The website also states that managers should focus more on results than on physical presence. Superiors may also suspend or terminate a staff member`s telework agreement if they believe that telework has a negative effect on the employee`s or organization`s performance. There are several requirements that must be met when an officer formally denies an employee the ability to telework.