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Direct Transfer Agreement Washington

The best way to move on to university is with a Transfer Associate Degree. Schools have processes to help students with these diplomas. But there are other ways for students to move to Washington State. Acquiring a DTA Associate Degree does not guarantee admission to UW Bothell. Students who change under this agreement must nevertheless meet our minimum admission requirements. The University of Washington transfers credits on a course basis. Equivalency Guide provides transfer information for university courses taught at washington state community and technical colleges. The Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) Associate Degree is designed to transfer to most Bachelor of Arts degrees at all 4-year colleges and universities in Washington State. The DTA is sometimes referred to as an Associate in Arts or Associate in the Arts and Sciences. In January of each odd-numbered year, the CESC updates the Washington State Legislature on transmission. The update is a report on Transfer Associate Degrees. THE CESC released the last report in 2019. Check out our reports and publications page for older reports.

Be sure to check the requirements for your planned core material at the WSU in the year prior to your transfer. Contact the department you are in and check the WSU catalog to verify the requirements you must meet to graduate from WSU. The AAS is aimed at students who wish to start a career immediately after graduation. These degrees include accounting, culinary art or automotive. Some credits can be transferred to a four-year school, depending on the type of credits earned. Depending on the school and degree, some four-year schools may accept the entire AAS. Washington State Baccalaureate (four years) subscribe to the Intercollege Relations Commissions (ICRC) Guidelines for Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA). Seattle Colleges offer both Associate Arts degrees and DTA Science Associate degrees in accordance with ICRC guidelines. DTA Associate Degrees are recognised as meeting most, if not all, of the general educational requirements for these institutions.

Students who complete a DTA are generally admitted junior standing. Students should check with their planned transfer institution for more details on general education, prerequisites and additional admission requirements. This list is as per change. Contact your advisor for up-to-date information and details about the transfer. Students who have completed two or more years of a foreign language in high school do not receive university credit for an entry-level course (for example. B FRENCH 101) in the same language if this course is completed after enrolment at the university. Transfer students who take such a course prior to enrollment at UW are entitled to obtain transfer credits. . . .