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Significado De Sponsorship Agreement

Sometimes it can appear as a “sponsor” for Spanish. However, it is recommended to sponsor or sponsor the Spanish words, sponsor or sponsor, as well as their derivatives at the place of sponsorship, and sponsorship or sponsorship at the place of sponsorship. However, if one opts for Anglicism, it is done to write it in italics. Sometimes the sponsor can be confused with the patron. However, sponsorship is not intended to generate direct commercial profits, while the sponsor`s objective is to make certain profits. In some countries, economic donations from companies to social organizations lead to tax reductions and identify with forms of sponsorship. In the business world, sponsorship is common as a promotional and business strategy. A sponsor can be a person, a company or an institution. It is very common to see sponsors at sporting and cultural events. These types of actions aim to get potential consumers to associate the sponsor with the positive characteristics of the team, event or sponsored player.

In addition, with the sponsorship of certain activities, the sponsor gives a positive image of his social work (for example. B a brand that sponsors a solidarity career or charitable party). In the organization of the company, the figure of the project sponsor (executive sponsor in English) is linked to that of the project manager who would be responsible for the tasks related to its management, such as. B the exercise of the defence of the project, the obtaining of financing, the signing of documents, etc. In this sense, the promoter is responsible for the success of the project for the company. Ideally, the person who assumes this role should be someone with great executive and political authority within the organization. A sponsor is a sponsor. It is a person or organization that supports, supports or finances an activity or project, usually for advertising purposes. For example: “Transportes Herrero will be the sponsor of the charity party”. . . .