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Tenancy Agreement For Uk Dependent Visa

hello can help u pls. I signed Ajmina on my passport. Unfortunately, on my TB test certificate, I signed Ajmina Begum, and then I told them they were passing Begum. All my certificates, my name Ajmina Begum. To meet the requirement for adequate housing, i.e. the property is not crowded and complies with public health regulations, an applicant must file a signed copy of the property inspection report of a chartered expert or local authority applying for a spouse visa. Hello, my name is Grace I have been in a relationship with my partner since the end of 2017, I met him through a mutual friend and we finally decided to meet physically earlier this year (February 2019). This year, I only visited him four times and at the 4th. Visiting, we decided to have our traditional wedding and our civil wedding.

During my visits, we didn`t take many pictures, except for the ones we took at our wedding. I now plan to apply for my spouse visa and file it in January. I was told that if I was just filing the photos we took for our wedding with the application, the Home Office can use it as a reason to classify our relationship as inconclusable. Please advise me on how to deal with this issue. Thank you very much. If the applicant and the UK partner plan to reside with their parents, family or friends, they must provide a letter and proof of ownership of the property on behalf of the person issuing the accommodation letter. Accordingly, the letter contains confirmation of the basis on which the applicant and his OR her UK partner may reside on the ground. Indeed, such agreements are valid as long as they do not violate visa rules for British spouses who offer decent accommodation. And part of the accommodation is reserved exclusively for the applicant and his British partner. For example, a bedroom, perhaps with a living room, is for exclusive use by the applicant.

I intend to apply for the fiancé visa this year and I am not sure I will have to apply in Category A or Category F to meet the financial requirements. My fiancé works in a family business founded almost 10 years ago by his father with 8 other people. He does not hold shares and does not receive any form of dividends. It is paid every hour. There are three employees, his father, my fiancé and his colleague. The shares are held by his father and another unrelated person. I am a British citizen and have been married to my US spouse since 2001 – I lived in the US just before our wedding after moving there on a fiancé visa. A UK spouse visa was issued to my husband in October 2017, but we were unable to complete the final stage until 9 September 2018 due to health reasons. His visa expires on July 12, 2020 and I couldn`t find any information about his authorization to renew his spouse visa. Are there any residency requirements that he must meet? Thank you very much. @Lema, you cannot leave the UK while an immigration application is pending. Please make sure you can change within the UK, for example.B cannot switch from a visit visa to a spouse visa.

@PP you don`t need to buy or rent the new property before applying….